CAST - stretch film manufacturer

CAST that’s one of the leading and innovating Polish stretch film manufacturers, whose products go to the customers all around the world. Company has been working since 1999, and served more than 1000 Customers, high quality of our products has been appreciated by getting more than 20 different awards and certificates, 3 times in a row Forbes’ Diamonds, 11 times in a row Gazele Biznesu, and 3 times Super Gazele Biznesu.

Main strenghts of the firm are:


Efficient, economical product


Durability and safety


Reduces environmental polutions


We have got a Quality System ISO9001 for stretch film production. Our film is exceptional cause of innovational approach which gives sustainable reduce of costs for our customers.


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CAST - the foil technique

Stretch film is a substantial part of logistic. It’s commonly used for packaging of goods in wholesales, stores and production facilities. Among stretch films we can specify standard films manual and machine, and prestretch film.

Stretch film –  production and properties

Stretch film produced by CAST is made of polyethylene granulate which is converted in extrusion, where is warming up to liquid form. During that process all pollutions are removed which allows to obtain the highest quality product. Liquid polyethylene is spread on head of extruder, and it allows to get a film to maximum secure for protecting goods. During production process we use antistatic liquid which prevents appearing of sparks and sticking of dust pieces.

Prestretch film –  exceptional protection of goods

One of our main products is prestretch film made on machines designed and produced in our company. It doesn’t need to be stretched a lot and it resistance for snaping. It adjusts to shape of the load, provides prefect security for wrapping goods.

Cast produces more than dozen of different types of stretch and prestretch films. Standard width is 500mm, available are also minirolls designed  to secure smaller goods.

Stretch flm is highly flexible and have good adhesive properties. It adjusts to irregular shapes of the load, could be used for pallets secure and for small packages as well. Stretch film is extremely durable, waterproof and hard to tear. Those properties make it perfect to secure goods from damages, moisture, dirt and atmospheric phenomenons. Our stretch film’s been producing according to strict norms and care about the environment. We also care about innovative character of our products. We pay attention for quality of our film and safety standards during production process.

Different types of our film have different purpose. Hand film is using for manual application. Machine film needs to be applied with special wrapping machines. Minirolls are helpful for initial secure of goods to bundle small packages.

We’ve got also prestretch film available in our range, thin film 6-10mu to quick secure of light loads.